Common targets and corresponding colors


Blue Color Series

Interference Color

Ti, Cr, Zr, AI, In,






When the oxygen flow rate is medium or high, the color of oxide film is not sensitive. Of course, when the oxygen flow rate is small, the color of the film changes greatly, and it can be seen that the color of the film mainly depends on its thickness, i.e. interference effect.




Because the color of the metal oxide film is mainly determined by the thickness of the film, it is difficult to overcome the problem of uniformity for three-dimensional curved workpiece.PVD Coating Systems suppliers


Some studies have shown that for purple and blue series, the film thickness is less than 100nm, which can achieve good uniformity.


Because of the position relationship between the workpiece and the target in the coating process, the workpiece clamping system has a great influence on the film thickness and uniformity. In addition to the use of multi-layer rotating frame, the uniformity can also be improved by adjusting the angle of view of the workpiece facing the target.

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