Share the functions and features of coating machine extrusion coating technology

Summary:The currently popularized coating machine offset printing device solves the problem that the lateral...
The currently popularized coating machine offset printing device solves the problem that the lateral tension of the substrate in the oven changes and the substrate is more easily blown off when the existing coating machine is calibrated. A correction roller for adjusting the lateral position of the substrate, wherein the correction roller is provided with a bracket, and the bracket is provided with a lateral adjustment roller. The adjustment roller can move up and down independently at least one end along the bracket. Avoid shaking.
Due to the special coating machine for waterproof zipper coating, there is a feeding wheel on the front of the coating head platform, a coating mechanism on the upper end of the coating head platform, a hot air cover on the front, one side of the coating mechanism, and a guide on the inner side of the hot air box. The top plate of the hot air box is provided with no less than four sets of hot fans, and the middle part of the top plate of the hot air box is also provided with an exhaust gas discharge channel, and the end of the coiled material outside the discharge wheel passes through the feeding wheel and coating. mechanism, and wrap around the outer perimeter, the surface of the guide roller inside the hot air box.
The coating machine for automatically adjusting the surface density of the coating, including a density meter for measuring the surface density, one end of the density meter is electrically connected to the control cabinet of the coating machine, the end of the density meter, the screw pump motor servo control valve block and the adjustment screw respectively For electrical connection, the control cabinet of the coating machine is respectively connected with the servo control valve of the screw pump motor. The servo control valve block is set above the coating nozzle, and the adjusting screw is used to adjust the distance between the coating nozzle and the rear roller.
Now through the connection between components, a new type of closed-loop control system is formed, and automatic monitoring is performed to adjust the surface density of the substrate spray, thus solving the problems of monitoring and calculating manual monitoring and manual, adjustment of surface density in the prior art, precision Low, low adjustment problem, now there are new types of wheels with heat dissipation structure, including wheel core and multiple baffle fins, the outer sidewall of the inner wheel core, connected to the inner sidewall of the wheel body through the blocking fins , it also has a good heat dissipation effect.
1. Coating: The actual process of extrusion coating involves extruding the resin from a slot die directly onto a moving web at temperatures up to 320°C, which can then pass through a coater covered by rubber-covered pressure rollers and The nip consists of chrome-plated chill rolls. The latter cools the molten film back to a solid state and imparts the desired finish to the plastic surface. The web is typically extruded from the die much faster than the resin, and the resulting coating thickness is proportional to the speed ratio and slot gap.
2. Lamination: Extrusion lamination is a similar process except that the extruded hot melt resin acts as the bonding medium for the second web of material.
3. Co-extrusion: Co-extrusion is also a similar method, but two or more extruders are connected to a single die, where the separately extruded melts are put together and finally extruded into a multilayer film.

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