What is the coating machine for the sublimation transfer paper?

Summary: Sublimation paper coating machineMainly include single station release paper unit, blade coating, p...

Sublimation paper coating machine
Mainly include single station release paper unit, blade coating, pneumatic open type hot air drying system, back coating wet Mizube, dryer coherent states finishing department, two roll calender machines, single station automatic correction reel, drive unit and electrical control nine parts. Drives with frequency step motor drive. The sublimation coating machine has a simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, loss of paper rate, etc.Watchband decoration PVD vacuum coating machine

1). The machine is mainly used for slitting fax paper, sublimation transfer paper
, printing paper, carbonless paper, laminated film, aluminum foil, etc.

2). Entire machine is controlled by PLC (two vector motors), man-machine interface, screen touch operation.

3). Unwinding part adopts the import magnetic powder brake, realizes by the PLC automatic counting, as well as consistant tension control for unwinding.

4). Transmission part uses the vector frequency conversion motor, realize the constant line speed control.

5). Unwinding part is shaftless, adopt air cylinder equipment, vice-clamps electrically operated by the lead screw to adjust.

6). Rewinding part uses the vector frequency conversion motor, to drice magnetic powder cluth, realized by the PLC automatic diameter counting, auto tensity control.

7). Auto meter presetting, auto meter counting, auto stoppage, etc.

8). EPC error correction device is positive to assure the accuracy.

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