What is the cryogenic application of optical coating machine?

Summary:In the process of using oil diffusion pump and molecular pump to vacuum, more than 80% of the residu...
In the process of using oil diffusion pump and molecular pump to vacuum, more than 80% of the residual gas in the space is water vapor, oil vapor and some high boiling point steam. This kind of residual gas is difficult and speedy to extract in a high vacuum state. It is slow, and the presence of residual gas will not only affect the vacuum degree but also pollute the production experimental workpieces. The cryogenic machine can effectively solve this kind of problem. The vacuum degree is between 10-2 and 10-8 pa. For oil and gas, increase vacuum, improve product quality, speed up pumping speed and increase production efficiency. In the vacuum chamber or the pump port of the oil diffusion pump, place a refrigeration device (coil or cold trap) that can quickly reach below -120°C, and quickly attach the residual gas in the vacuum chamber through the deep-low temperature condensation capacity on its surface , Thereby greatly shortening the vacuuming time (which can shorten the vacuuming time by 50-80%) and obtaining a clean vacuum environment (the vacuum degree can be increased by half an order of magnitude, reaching 10-8 Torr, 10-5 Pa).

1. Water vapor trap The refrigeration coil is often installed between the high valve and the vacuum chamber, or in the vacuum chamber, in the upper and lower chambers of the winding coating. It is suitable for the occasions where there is a large outgassing of the coated materials such as plastic low-temperature coating and winding coating. The coil needs to have a heating defrosting device to make the coil return to normal temperature every time before opening the door, so as to prevent the low temperature coil from absorbing a large amount of water vapor from the atmosphere and forming frost, which will affect the next vacuuming.

2. The cryogenic cold trap is placed at the pump port of the oil diffusion pump, below the high valve. Its main function is to prevent the oil from returning to the oil diffusion pump, and it can also speed up the pumping speed and increase the vacuum. Since the system is in a vacuum state, no defrosting device is needed.

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