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Summary:Advanced Expertise Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of materi...

Advanced Expertise Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of material coatings and linings for equipments handling corrosive and highly abrasive substances.The company has engaged in intensive research on HALAR and PTFE coating and linings to become among the leading producers of coating and lining chemicals. These products have major uses in drugs manufacturing, chemicals manufacturing, Petrochemical industries and surface treatment products.

The company has the vision to become a world-class HALAR & PTFE coating and lining unit unit as well as other chemical products. We have a mission to expand into the international market and contribute positively to the advancement of the manufacturing sector.

This will be achieved through continued research andChina Hard film vacuum coating machine Manufacturers development on new coating technologies as they emerge. The company’s innovative approach to material coating and lining seeks to also develop more cost effective techniques of surface protection as well as develop long lasting chemical processing equipments.

The products are useful in providing strong resistance against chemical corrosion in heat exchangers, centrifuge machines, receivers, heat exchangers, agitators, valves pipes and pumps conducting corrosive material.

The company has invested in a multimillion-work shop where the production facilities are located.The organization has also improved on service delivery and product quality, to emerge leading among the other manufacturers.

Halar Coating
 The halar coating from the company is a high performanceChina Tribological Coating Machine Manufacturers copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene that particularly shows excellent chemical and thermal resistance, great permeation resistance and even flame resistance for your industrial needs. The product also shows good surface characteristics, surface smoothness and purity.

Lining /Coating of Fluoropolymers
 Fluoropolymers lining are advanced blends of high grade resins combined with fluoropolymer lubricants that are able to achieve a very smooth, hard and polished coating that delivers superior corrosion and chemical résistance. These Fluoropolymers coatings are among the innovative products the company offers and are developed with superior features for maximum life easy removal.

Antistatic Conductive Coating
 The company has also great experience in antistatic conductive coatings applied on to plastics film substrates. These are used in areas such as military applications and electronic uses. Conductive coatings can vary in resistance from 35 ohms and upwards.

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