Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum coating


1, advantages


The surface has a good metal texture and delicate. Compared with water electroplating, the color can solve the problems of seven colors, such as magic blue and silver flash lamp; compared with water electroplating, the color is monotonous, generally there are only a few kinds of bright silver and silver. Base material material selection range is wide, such as PC, ABS, PMMA, (only ABS, ABS + PC can be selected for water plating). Through indium tin plating can be made semi transparent effect, light can be emitted from the product. Do not pollute the environment.China Wholesale DLC Coating Machine Suppliers


2, shortcomings


The target material of evaporation plating is limited by melting point, so it is not easy to use if its melting point is too high. The adhesion of vacuum evaporation is poor because it can't be coated with UV oil. To ensure the adhesion of vacuum evaporation, special spraying treatment should be carried out later.

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