Common Vacuum Terminology 10


1.Maintenance pump: In vacuum system, the air volume is very small, and the front pump can not be used effectively. For this purpose, a small auxiliary pump is equipped to maintain the main pump, which is called the maintenance pump. If a small rotary vane pump is installed at the outlet of the diffusion pump, it is the maintenance pump.China PVD Coating Machine Suppliers
2.vacuum coating:A method of preparing a film on a substrate in vacuum.
3.Substrate:Membrane acceptor.
4.testing substrate:Substrate used for measurement and/or test at the beginning, during or after coating.
5.coating material:Raw materials used to make film.
6.sputtering material:Coating material used for sputtering in vacuum sputtering. material:Materials that make up the film.
8.sputtering rate:In a given time interval, the amount of material sputtered is divided by the time interval.
9.deposition rate:In a given time interval, the amount of material deposited on the substrate is divided by the time interval and the surface area of the substrate.

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