Common Vacuum Terminology6


1.adsorption:Adsorption of gases or vapors (adsorbates) on solid or liquid (adsorbents) surfaces.
2.physisorption:Adsorption due to physical action.Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine Factory
3.chemisorption:Adsorption due to chemical action.
4.absorption:The diffusion of gas or vapor (adsorbate) into solid or liquid (adsorbent).
5.α accommodation factor:The ratio of the average energy exchanged between a particle incident on a surface and the actual energy exchanged on the surface to the average energy exchanged when the particle reaches a complete thermal equilibrium condition on the surface.
6.υ impingement rate:In a given time interval, the number of molecules incident on the surface is divided by the time and the surface area.
7.migration:The movement of molecules on the surface.
8.desorption:Release of gases or vapors adsorbed by materials. Release can be natural or accelerated by physical means.

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