Common Vacuum Terminology9


1.electromagnetically operated valve:A valve that is powered by electromagnetic force.
2.baffle valve:The valve plate moves the opening and closing valve along the axis of the seat.
3.flap valve:The disc flips an angle opening and closing valve.Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine Manufacturers
4.gate valve:The valve plate moves radially along the seat to open and close the valve.
5.butterfly valve:The valve plate rotates the opening and closing valve around the fixed shaft in the valve orifice.
6.Front stage pump: Vacuum pump used to maintain a vacuum pump's front stage pressure below its critical front stage pressure. For example, the rotary vane or slide valve pump in front of the Roots pump is the front pump.
7.Rough pump: A vacuum pump that starts pumping at atmospheric pressure and pumps the system pressure to another vacuum pump to start working. For example, the sliding valve pump in the vacuum coating machine is the crude oil pump.

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