Do you know the characteristics and parameter settings of the furniture board coating machine?


Suitable for panel furniture, glass, solid wood composite floor, plane door, handicraft. Workpieces such as bamboo and wood beds are coated and colored with primer and topcoat. The machine adopts a scraper, and the angle is adjusted by a miniature turbine reducer. Equipped with five frequency converters or optional PLC numerical control operation, each group can be used alone and the operation is more accurate; furniture board coating machineChina Decorative Vacuum Coating Machine Suppliers is widely used in solid wood door panels, density boards, ping-pong table boards, gusset boards, furniture boards and other boards. This machine is fully numerically controlled and has high accuracy. The surface of the product processed by this machine is smooth, full of color, and no color difference. This machine can coat various paints, such as PU, UV, NC, etc., and the paint can be recovered quickly and without waste. The workpiece coating can be controlled between 5~10g/㎡.

1. Features of furniture board coating machine:

1. Equipped with automatic positioning device to facilitate production;

2. Only one operator or even no one after adjustment will do, reducing manpower and production costs;

3. The effect of roller coating is basically the same as that of the curtain, and it saves paint, and the paint can be recycled and reused.

2. Technical parameters of furniture board coating machine:

Minimum processing length 300mm

Processing width 620-1320mm

Processing thickness 2-70mm

Conveying speed 5~18m/min

Paint types: PE, PC, PU, ​​UC, XU, UV, water-based paint

Dimensions 1.2 X 2.45 X 1.4M

Rubber wheel power 0.75-1.5KW

Total power 2.2-3KW

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