Explain the problem of vacuum coating machine?

Summary:Explanation of common problems of vacuum coating machine? The problem of holes in the film of the v...
Explanation of common problems of vacuum coating machine?
The problem of holes in the film of the vacuum coating machine during aluminum plating can generally be solved by the following methods:
① The aluminum material in the evaporation boat is too full. Solution: reduce the speed of aluminum delivery; increase the current of the evaporation boat.
② There is a short circuit between the evaporation boats in the vacuum chamber. Solution: eliminate the short circuit.
③ Impurities splash in the vacuum chamber.
①The substrate tension is too high. Solution: Adjust the unwinding and winding tension control system to reduce the tension appropriately.
②The cooling system is malfunctioning. Solution: Check the cooling system and troubleshoot.
①The vacuum degree is low. Solution: Clean the aluminum feeding, evaporation device, cooling system, unwinding, coiling device and guide roller in the vacuum chamber; check the vacuum system; reduce the ambient humidity.
②The film releases gas. Solution: Pre-dry the film; extend the vacuuming time.
③ Excessive aluminum spraying. Solution: increase the speed of the vehicle; reduce the current of the evaporation boat; reduce the speed of aluminum delivery.
④ There are impurities in the evaporation boat. Solution: Clean the evaporation boat and heat shield.
⑤ The evaporation boat is aging. Solution: replace the evaporation boat.
Process requirements: the degree of vacuum should not be lower than 103pa to avoid brown stripes or uneven thickness of the aluminum layer; control the tension of the system and turn on the cooling system to avoid stretching and deformation of the film when it is heated; accurately control the coiling speed (280 ~ 320m/min ), aluminum feeding speed (0.4~0.7m/min 2mm aluminum wire) and evaporation boat heating current to obtain the aluminum layer thickness required by the product (100~300A°); a certain dry amount of primer can be coated on the film in advance , and fully dry, and then vacuum aluminized, can improve the bonding force of the aluminum layer and the film. Then coat a certain amount of protective resin on the aluminum film to prevent the aluminum layer from oxidizing and deteriorating. The aluminized film formed by this process is resistant to friction and not easy to deteriorate.

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