How to choose PVD vacuum coating machine?


With social progress, the demand for environmental protection is higher and higher, PVD coating machine is gradually replacing the traditional electroplating method. this is a ion coating machine of efficiency, harmless and pollution-free. It has the features of fast deposition rate , great ionization rate, big ion energy,easy operation, low cost, large productive capacity, etc. 

There are not many types of PVD vacuum coating machines, but you need to determine the material of your product before you can deal the color of your products. You want to own this PVD coating equipment, you need to tell the manufacturer the material of your products. When we have identified the machine type, we need to choose the machine size that is suitable for our own productivity. If you have any suggestions on PVD coating machine size, tell the manufacturer in advance; if not, let the manufacturer to know the maximum size of your product and the quantity of products to be deal in each cycle, so that the supplier will give you appropriate suggestions.

Horizontal PVD vacuum coating machine is generally used for Bangles manufacturers. It is characterized by large output, but its disadvantage is that it can not serve other products well.

There are many PVD vacuum coating machine manufacturers in China, their machines quality and price are different. So you need to examine carefully before choosing the manufacturer. In addition to the quality and price of the PVD coating machine, you should also know how the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer is, whether their engineers can provide valuable suggestions for your subsequent production, etc.

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