Common faults and treatment methods of optical coating machine

Summary:The optical coating machine cannot detect the mask fixture flip signal:1. Check the position of the ...
The optical coating machine cannot detect the mask fixture flip signal:
1. Check the position of the flipped signal source
2. Manually short-circuit the flipping input signal and use the flipping detection function. When the computer can detect the signal, it proves that the problem is on the flipping control switch, and handles it accordingly. If no signal is detected, first check the line, and then replace the control card.

The mask fixture of the optical coater is not stable when it is flipped:
1. Check whether the initial position of the flap meets the timing
2. Detect whether the turning control switch is stable, and it can be tracked and monitored with a pointer multimeter.
3. Check whether the flipping mechanism is flexible and reliable
4. Check the setting of turning signal times
5. Check whether there is friction between the rotating worktable and the inner wall of the bell jar
6. Detect the stability of the rotating worktable during rotation

The frequency dispersion of the machine in the same mask fixture is large:
1. Check whether the chip itself has large dispersion
2. Check whether the position of the film correction plate has changed, and readjust the correction plate
3. Check whether the baffle completely covers the molybdenum boat when opening and closing
4. Check if the bombardment ring completely covers the molybdenum boat
5. Check whether the molybdenum boat meets the requirements, and use a round molybdenum boat

The frequency dispersion between the pot and the pot of the optical coating machine is large:
1. Observe whether there is a frequency hopping phenomenon in the monitoring film
2. Repeatedly measure the uniform monitoring chip to observe the stability of the oscillator (not more than 75Hz)
3. Check whether the cooling water is unblocked
4. Check whether the molybdenum boat meets the requirements and use a round molybdenum boat
5. Whether the selection of monitoring film meets the requirements, it is recommended to use our company's monitoring film

The coating frequency of the machine does not stop:
1. Check whether the frequency parameter setting is correct
2. Does the molybdenum boat ammeter have instructions?
3. Is there silver in the molybdenum boat?
4. Monitor whether the film is frequency hopping
5. Is the correction factor wrong?
6. Have you replaced the monitoring film after abnormal withdrawal?

The machine can't test the frequency:
1. Replace the monitoring film
2. Check whether the test shrapnel is deformed
3. Use a 5MHZ crystal to directly insert the oscillator input terminal to measure the frequency. If the frequency proves to be a problem with the probe, if there is no frequency, use a counter to measure whether the output frequency of the oscillator is abnormal. If there is no normal output, the oscillator has a problem. Normal output but no display on the computer proves that there is a problem with the control card

The control valves of the coating machine are not operating:
1. Check whether the 5V power supply has output and whether it is connected properly
2. Check whether there is electricity on the common terminal of the power supply on the solid state relay board. The control valve does not operate individually.
3. Check whether the corresponding solid state relay has output

The optical coating machine works without reaching the vacuum level:
1. The digital vacuum gauge has abnormal numbers, and there is no change within 30 seconds, such as 0.00-4 (common in domestic vacuum gauges).
2. The black pointer still does not swing after the vacuum gauge is turned on for 30 seconds.

Principles for the use of monitoring films for optical coating machines
1. The surface of the monitoring film should be cleaned
2. The monitoring film should be plated as soon as it is used, and it is forbidden to use it when exposed to the air for more than 12 hours
3. It is forbidden to use the monitoring film and its surface with defects
4. It is necessary to record the batch of use during use, and it is strictly forbidden to mix the new and the old
5. The repeated service life of the monitoring piece is 3 times

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