Common Vacuum Terminology11


1.coating angle:The angle between the direction of particles incident on the substrate and the normal of the plated surface.
2.vacuum sputtering:In vacuum, inert gas ions bombard atoms (molecules) or clusters from the target surface.
3.ion beam sputtering:The target is sputtered by an ion beam obtained from a special ion source.
4.glow discharge cleaning:Based on the principle of glow discharge, the surface of substrate and film is cleaned by gas discharge bombardment.China Decorative Vacuum Coating Machine Suppliers
5.PVD physical vapor deposition:In vacuum, the coating material is vaporized by physical methods such as evaporation or sputtering, and deposited on the substrate.
6.CVD chemical vapor deposition:A method of depositing new film materials on substrates by vapor chemical reactions of reacting gases with a certain chemical ratio under specific activation conditions (usually at a certain high temperature).

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