Common Vacuum Terminology12


1.magnetron sputtering:With the help of the orthogonal electromagnetic field formed on the target surface, the secondary electrons are bound to the specific area of the target surface to enhance the ionization efficiency, increase the ion density and energy, thus achieving high sputtering rate at low voltage and high current.
2.PCVD plasma chemistry vapour deposition:A method for fabricating film on substrates at low temperatures by promoting vapor chemical reactions by plasma generated by discharge.
3.HCD hollow cathode discharge deposition:The hollow cathode emits a large number of electron beams to evaporate and ionize the coating material in the crucible. Under the negative bias voltage on the substrate, the ion has a large energy and is deposited on the surface of the substrate.China Multi-arc ion coating machine Supplier
4.arc discharge deposition:With coating material as target pole and trigger device, arc discharge is produced on target surface. Under the action of arc, the coating material produces no bath evaporation and deposits on substrate.
5.Target:A surface bombarded with particles.
6.Shutter:The baffle can be fixed or movable, which is used to restrict the coating in time and/or space and to achieve a certain film thickness distribution.

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