Common Vacuum Terminology5


1.diffusion of gas:Gas moves in another medium due to concentration gradient. Medium can be another gas (diffusion in this case is called interdiffusion) or a condensable substance.
2.D diffusion coefficient; diffusivity:The ratio of the absolute mass flow rate per unit area to the normal concentration gradient per unit area is obtained.China PVD Plating Machine Suppliers
3.viscous flow:The average free path of gas molecule is much smaller than the minimum cross-section size of the duct. Therefore, the flow depends on the viscosity of the gas, which can be laminar or stagnant.
4.η viscous factor:The ratio of tangential force to velocity gradient per unit area in the direction of airflow velocity gradient.
5.sorption:The trapping of gas or vapor (adsorbate) by solid or liquid (adsorbent).

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