How to clean the coating machine?

Summary:With the progress of the times, the coating equipment is constantly updated. From the ancient brush ...

With the progress of the times, the coating equipment is constantly updated. From the ancient brush coater to the various advanced coaters nowadays, it is still being constantly updated and improved, in order to allow the coating The work has become easier and simpler. I wonder if you have known about the coating machine? There are many types, such as the brush coating machine just mentioned, the blade coating machine, the spray coating machine and so on. . Next, we will explain to everyone a very important aspect of the coating machine, that is, how to clean the coating machine, come and see with us!

We need to use a glue tank and an ethyl acetate coating roller for cleaning. While rotating the coating roller slowly, apply the cleaning solution to the surface with a paint brush, and then let it stand for 5-10 minutes. Then add 10L of ethyl acetate into the tank to contact with the coating roller, and slowly rotate the coating roller, and wash it with a wire brush and waste cloth until it is clean. 3 ~ 5L ethyl acetate is prepared from the top of the frosted side of the coating roller with waste shower. Scrub the coating roller with clean dry silk waste, the extraction of ethyl acetate and the buffer tank in the extraction tank. The cleaning cycle of the coating equipment manufacturer can be determined according to the appearance of the product. Generally, it is better to clean once a week or two weeks. The maintenance and cleaning equipment according to the above method can extend the life of the machine.

Coating machine manufacturers China PVD Coating Systems suppliersanalyze the reasons and solutions for the different lengths of coating machines;

Mechanical equipment now occupies a very important role in people's production and life. Various types of mechanical equipment are widely used for various purposes because of their different characteristics. Coating machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used in people's lives. When using a coating machine for processing, sometimes it is found that some lengths of difference occur during the operation of the coating machine. Next, I want to introduce some reasons for this phenomenon and some corresponding solutions. .

Reasons: (1) The cutting edge of the cutter is too blunt, and it is easy to pull out the surface layer of the cut material to make the specifications inconsistent; (2) The cutter is not perpendicular to the worktable; (3) The front surface of the paper pusher and the worktable surface Not vertical, the paper pusher is tilted forward, the cut paper stack is long and short at the top; the paper pusher is tilted backwards, and the cut paper stack is short and long at the bottom; (4) the higher the paper stack, the pressure of the paper press Correspondingly, the larger the cutting resistance of the paper stack is, which increases the bending deformation of the paper stack, and the phenomenon that the cut paper stack grows up and down. Therefore, the height of the paper stack should be controlled below 100mm, and the corresponding cutting height should be adjusted appropriately for the thickness of the paper.

Solution: It is necessary to improve the equipment component of the frequency converter in the constituent parts of the coating equipment. The frequency converter completes the tension control at all levels, and the tension sensor is used to realize the tension control. The system is simple and stable. Use PLC or synchronous controller to control the speed of the drive roller inverter, and at the same time as the linear speed signal of other inverters, so as to reduce the above-mentioned undesirable phenomena in the coating machine.

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