How to maintain and install the electron gun of the optical coating machine?

Summary:The optical coating machine is mainly composed of a vacuum coating machine room, a vacuum exhauster ...
The optical coating machine is mainly composed of a vacuum coating machine room, a vacuum exhauster and an electrical cabinet (control electrical cabinet, electron gun electrical cabinet), and is used in microelectronics, optical film forming, civil decoration, surface engineering and other fields. The working principle of optical coating equipment is to use electron beams to heat metal or non-metal materials to an appropriate temperature under high vacuum, and then evaporate into vapor molecules. The mean free path is greater than the distance from the evaporation source to the substrate to be evaporated. The evaporated vapor molecules are guided in all directions and deposited on the surface of the substrate to form a thin film. Let me talk about the installation and maintenance methods of the electron gun:
The electron gun power supply control system is composed of filament power supply, high-voltage power supply, scanning power supply, crucible driving power supply, evaporation power supply and so on.
The electron gun controls the high voltage in the electrical cabinet. The normal operation of each interlocking device of the cabinet door is required before work. Non-professionals are not allowed to open the electrical cabinet door. When working, the electron gun must not open the electrical cabinet door. The electrical cabinet of the entire optical coating machine needs to be well grounded and connected to the machine grounding.
The steam source of the electron gun is installed on the bottom plate of the vacuum chamber, and it needs to have a good grounding effect with the bottom plate. The installation of the steam source needs to be fixed with stainless steel screws, and there must be no magnetic material within 200mm around it, otherwise it will affect the light spot of the electron gun and cause poor electronic performance. The baffle of the electron gun should be installed as far as possible 30mm above the middle of the evaporation source crucible, so as not to affect the emission of the electron beam.
The steam source of the electron gun is a precision machined body, and good cooling water is required when working. Excessive temperature will affect the formation of the electron beam and the performance of each sealing ring.
(1) Electronic gun head
The installation of the gun head directly affects the normal operation of the gun. 90% of the failures are related to the tip of the gun.
After the tip is used for a period of time, due to the contamination of the components, it will affect the formation and power of the electron beam, so it needs to be disassembled and cleaned.
(2) Maintenance of crucible
Before disassembling the crucible, please close the water circuit and use compressed air to blow clean the water in the electron gun cooling tube.
(3) Maintenance of magnetic conductive plate and scanning ring
The guide plate and permanent magnet of the optical coating machine do not need to be disassembled and maintained frequently. If you need to disassemble, please pay attention to the polarity direction of the permanent magnet and the direction of the guide plate. As the coil installation space is dense, please do not pry with sharp objects, otherwise it will cause damage.

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