How to start the vacuum coating machine correctly?

Summary:Vacuum coating machine mainly refers to a type of coating that needs to be carried out under high va...
Vacuum coating machine mainly refers to a type of coating that needs to be carried out under high vacuum, including many types, including vacuum ion evaporation, magnetron sputtering, MBE molecular beam epitaxy, PLD laser sputtering deposition and many others. The main idea is to divide it into two types: evaporation and sputtering, which are often used for nanoscale surface treatment in semiconductor, photovoltaic, electronics, precision optics and other industries. Evaporated under high vacuum and deposited on the substrate to be coated to obtain a coating. So how to start the vacuum coating machine? Proceed as follows:
1. Check whether each operation control switch of the vacuum coating equipment is in the "off" position.
2. Turn on the main power switch, and the vacuum coating equipment is powered on.
3. The low pressure valve is pulled out. Open the inflation valve, after the sound of airflow can not be heard, start the bell valve, and the bell rises.
4. Install the fixed tungsten spiral heater. Fix the PVDF film and aluminum cover on the rotating disc. Thread the aluminum wire into the helical heater. Clean all parts of the bell jar to ensure that there are no impurities.
5. Lower the bell jar.
6. Start the vacuum coating equipment vacuum pump.
7. Turn on the power of the composite vacuum gauge (composite vacuum gauge model: Fzh-1A).
8. When the pointer in the "2" of the low vacuum meter moves clockwise to 6.7Pa again, the low pressure valve is pushed in.
9. Turn on the cooling water in the vacuum coating equipment, start the diffusion pump, and heat for 40min.
10. Pull out the low pressure valve. The vertical single-door coating machine repeats the action procedure once: the lower left knob "1" is turned to point to the measurement position of section 2. The pointer in the low vacuum meter "2" moves clockwise. When the pointer moves to 6.7Pa, open the high pressure valve.

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