How to use vacuum coating equipment correctly?

Summary:       In the case of normal operation of the machine tool, to start the machine, you must first ope...
       In the case of normal operation of the machine tool, to start the machine, you must first open the water pipe, and you should always pay attention to the working water pressure.
       At the same time, ion bombardment and evaporation, special attention should be paid to the high-voltage wire connector, which should not be touched to prevent electric shock. Electron gun in coating, peripheral bell to aluminum. It is best to observe the window glass with lead glass, and you should wear glasses to observe the lead glass to prevent X-rays from being harmful to the human body. For the deposition of the multi-layer dielectric film coating, ventilation and dust removal equipment should be installed to remove harmful dust in time. Keep flammable and toxic substances, poisoned in fire.
       The pickling apparatus should be performed on a ventilated unit and rubber gloves should be worn. Put the parts into the cleaning tank of acid or alkali, be gentle, without bumping and splashing. In addition, commonly used pickling basins should be covered. Finally, with the job done, the water should be cut off.
       Safety specifications: the use of vacuum system, vacuum system, high temperature vacuum pump oil filling system, the vacuum coating machine is slightly at risk of accidental explosion and combustion, so in the process of work, the installation and operation specifications during the operation must be strictly Experience the danger of scalding people, and the danger that rotating parts may hurt people, so pay attention to the inaccessible booster pump and diffusion pump, slide valve pump and Roots pump. The preoperative shield must be complete, and the human Not near.
       The winding system may be dangerous to injure people during operation, so the speed of the rear masking and cleaning rollers is not too fast, not more than 30 m/min, and the speed is not more than 10 m/min.
       The vacuum coating equipment must pay attention to the above-mentioned aspects when operating. In order to prolong the service life of the machine, in addition to the correct operation, it is also necessary to take good care of it.

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