Introduction to the working process of coating machine


The coating machine uses the air radiated under pressure to stop the conditioning of the coating amount and the smoothing of the coating layer, referred to as air knife coating. The advantage of air knife coating is that it can obtain a thick coating amount, the coating layer is relatively uniform, and it is not easy to break the paper during coating, which is particularly suitable for the coating of pressure-sensitive coatings; but because this coating machine is invisible In order to make the coating uniform and smooth, it is imperative for the coating to have the corresponding concentration and degree. The disadvantage is that the high solid content coating cannot be stopped, and the air knife is easily blocked by the dry coating, causing the coating to cause traces .PVD Coating Machine Suppliers


Due to the influence of corrosion, aging, equipment vibration and other factors, the coating machine will also damage the concrete base and other parts, causing the bolts of the fastening equipment to loosen, which seriously affects consumption. The traditional concrete pouring method will stop management, which will greatly prolong the repair time, and the PE maintenance film coating machine is difficult for enterprises to bear. Polymer composite materials also dealt with this problem very well. The transfer film coating machine itself has much higher impact and compressive strength than the current concrete materials. PET coating machine also adheres to steel. And other rough appearances, which can be cured quickly, is a new scientific achievement to repair the damage of the concrete base of the coating machine.


The working principle of the automatic coating machine used for screen printing is the same, but its performance varies according to different models and different consumer manufacturers. The screen coating machine is installed on the vertical frame to clamp the screen frame. The front and back of the screen area is a horizontal coating mechanism. This coating mechanism consists of a coating tank and mechanical or pneumatic components that control the angle and pressure of the coating tank.

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