Performance introduction and application of optical coating equipment

Summary:Optical coating equipment has the same decorative requirements for digital products such as mobile p...
Optical coating equipment has the same decorative requirements for digital products such as mobile phones, electrical appliances, sanitary ware, etc., through the bottom coating color film and transparent medium multilayer film to achieve a variety of colors, tones and metallic luster, and can be equipped with Silk screen, thermal transfer, laser engraving and wire drawing process, get a variety of dazzling luster, strengthen the stereo vision of stripes and patterns. It can also improve the performance of vacuum coating, and by improving equipment yield and stability, as well as reducing material consumption.

Optical coating equipment is also widely used. In addition to touch products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and car monitors, it is also suitable for coating AF, AS coating improves smoothness and ease of plot. Optical coating equipment can be coated with many layers of short-wave pass, long-wave pass, anti-reflection film, reflective film, filter film, spectroscopic film, band-pass film, dielectric film, high reflective film, color reflective film, etc. , It can realize the coating of 0-99 layers of film, and can also meet the coating requirements of products such as automotive reflective glass, telescopes, spectacle lenses, optical lenses, cold light cups and other products.

Equipped with different evaporation sources, electron guns, ion sources, and film thickness gauges, it can be coated with a variety of film systems. Metals, oxides, compounds and other high-melting film materials can be evaporated, and super-hard coatings on the glass surface.

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