Vacuum evaporation plating


Vacuum evaporation plating

Basic Principles

Vacuum evaporation coating is a method of heating the raw materials to form thin films in evaporation container in vacuum chamber to make atoms or molecules escape from the surface and form vapor flow to the surface of solid (called substrate or substrate) to condense and form solid films.

The reasons for stricter requirements for vacuum evaporation, especially for vacuum environment, are as follows:

Prevent reactions due to air molecules and evaporationMedical instrument coating machine Suppliers sources at high temperatures.

Prevent the molecule of evaporated substance from colliding with air molecule in the coating chamber.

Prevent air molecules from mixing into membranes as impurities or forming compounds in membranes.

Equipment: Vacuum coating chamber and vacuum pumping system are composed of two parts. The vacuum coating chamber is equipped with evaporation sources, evaporated materials, substrate brackets and substrates.

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