What are the characteristics of the UV coating machine?

Summary:The UV coating machine is mainly used for the surface treatment of certain films or papers, so it ca...

The UV coating machine is mainly used for the surface treatment of certain films or papers, so it can be coated and produced, its state can also be changed, and different types of functions can be added. Features of UV coating machine:

1. The whole machine is controlled by 5 frequency conversion motors, the tension of the whole machine (unwinding, gluing, traction, rewinding) is automatically controlled by the Japanese Mitsubishi brand PLC system, and the reliability of the whole machine tension is controlled and displayed by the man-machine interface touch screen. Improved.

2. The form of the unwinding frame is a hydraulic lifting single station, which adopts magnetic powder automatic tension control.

3. The clutch adjustment of the scraper roll of the UV coating machine adopts a pneumatic swing arm and is equipped with a micro adjustment device for control. The thickness of the glue is controlled by a feeler gauge.

4. The anilox roller coating method, the coating scraper shaft adopts a heavy-duty double-axis mechanical independent swimming, the scraper adjustment method is manual and pneumatic, the angle can be adjusted at will, the coating amount depends on the mesh line of the anilox roller, and different coatings The number of layers can be changed to anilox rollers with different mesh threads.

5. UV coating machineChina Medical instrument coating machine Factory double-layer oven: 9 meters in the upper layer, divided into 3 independent temperature control; 1 meter in the lower layer is 1 independent temperature control, heating adopts electric heating, hot air enters the drying system, adjustable internal circulation suction and discharge device, and Exhaust strong wind and dry thoroughly.

6. The guide wheel in the oven is actively synchronized with the host. The transmission adopts a synchronous belt wheel transmission to reduce the stretching and deformation of the material. The cylindrical stove top and the punching operation platform make the operator's work easier.

7. The intermediate tension of the UV coating machine coating roller-traction steel roller is synchronized with the floating swing arm and automatically controlled by PLC.

8. Automatic instrument and speed control device.

9. The EPC trimming machine is used to rectify the deviation and make the material rewind neatly.

10. The key type air shaft is used for retracting and unloading, which is convenient for loading and unloading.

11. High-precision high-pressure traction device, the steel roller is cooled by water circulation, the film is smoother and harder, and the cooling effect through the cooling roller is better.

12. The form of the rewinding frame of the UV coating machine is a hydraulic lifting single station, the rewinding adopts a frequency conversion motor, and the vector frequency converter is controlled by a PLC computer system.

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