What are the common application fields of vacuum coating machine?

Summary:In daily life, when it comes to vacuum coating machine, you may not be very familiar with it, and do...
In daily life, when it comes to vacuum coating machine, you may not be very familiar with it, and do not know what role it can play. If we talk about the various brilliant colors on our daily tableware and furniture, we will have some sense of the picture. I feel familiar with a lot, but the vacuum coating machine to coat furniture, tableware and other workpieces is only the tip of the iceberg in the application field of the vacuum coating machine. The following editor summarizes the more comprehensive application fields in detail for everyone, hoping to help everyone:
At present, the application fields of vacuum coating machines on the market can be divided into six categories. The application fields are different, and the names of vacuum coating machines are also different. For example, in the field of hard coating, it is called hard coating coating equipment. Applied in the optical field, it is called optical vacuum coating machine. It is used on large workpieces such as architectural glass and low-e glass, which is called vacuum continuous line coating equipment, etc.
Application in hard coating: cutting tools, molds and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts, etc. Optional multi-arc ion vacuum coating machine, or magnetron sputtering coating machine.
Applications in protective coatings: blades of aircraft engines, automotive steel plates, heat sinks, etc. Use magnetron sputtering coater.
Applications in the field of optical films: anti-reflection films, high-reflection films, cut-off filters, anti-counterfeiting films, etc. Optional optical coating equipment and electron beam evaporation coating machine.
Applications in architectural glass: solar control film, low-e glass, anti-fog and anti-dew and self-cleaning glass, etc. Optional low-e glass coating production line.
Applications in the field of solar energy utilization: solar collector tubes, solar cells, etc. Optional magnetron sputtering Al film production line.
Applications in integrated circuit manufacturing: thin film resistors, thin film capacitors, thin film temperature sensors, etc. Optional PECVD magnetron production line.
Application in the field of information display: LCD screen, plasma screen, etc. Choose AZO transparent conductive film magnetron sputtering coating production line.
Applications in the field of information storage: magnetic information storage, magneto-optical information storage, etc. Optional magnetron sputtering coating equipment.
Application in decorative accessories: coating of mobile phone case, watch case, spectacle frame, hardware, small accessories, etc. Optional evaporative vacuum coating equipment.
Applications in the field of electronic products: LCD monitors, LCD TVs, MP4, car displays, mobile phone displays, digital cameras and applause computers, etc. Optional anti-reflection conductive film continuous magnetron sputtering production line.
Application in the field of touch screen: touch screen continuous coating production line can be used for mobile phone, computer, MP4 and other digital product screens.

Thermal Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine

DankoVAC Evaporation Vacuum Plating Machinery is easy to operate with high performance, equipped with thermal evaporation system, to melt and vaporize the metal wire (like aluminum wire, brass wire) to deposit on the substrates, to get the metallic effect of decoration and beautified.

• Structure Type: Vertical structure with single or double doors or Horizontal structure with single door.

• Substrate Material: ABS, PS, PC, PP, PVC, Nylon, TPU (Plastic materials), acrylic glass.

• Coating Film: Aluminum, Chrome, Copper.

• Color: Silver, Gold, Semi-transparency, Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Black, Multicolor, purple and so on.

• Equipment with: UV line / manual spraying / soaking method.

• Consumables in production: Aluminum / Chromium / Brass Wires, Painting oil and color

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