What are the operating steps of the high-frequency friction and wear testing machine?

Summary:The high-frequency friction and wear tester is a test instrument used to study the friction properti...

The high-frequency friction and wear tester is a test instrument used to study the friction properties of materials or surface coatings. The high-frequency reciprocating friction and wear testing machine can detect the friction and wear performance of materials or coatings under reciprocating motion conditions. The high-frequency reciprocating friction and wear testing machine can dynamically detect the friction force, test force and temperature conditions of the friction pair, and real-time Draw each parameter curve, with main parameter over-preset shutdown or alarm protection.


1. Key-press input of test parameters, with power-off memory function.

2. Controlling and solving the problems of poor abrasion resistance, low abrasion resistance, and easy shedding of the ink layer of printed matter

3. Microcomputer control, LCD dynamic display, thin film micro-motion operation panel

4. Through experiments, effectively control the production process and avoid returns due to poor quality、

Specific steps:

1. Turn on the power supply: check whether the power switch, LCD screen and digital tube are on, if they are normal, proceed to the second step, if not, check the power supply voltage

2. Install the sample: install the upper sample to the correct position and fix it with a locking screw, and then install the lower sample

3. Turn on the oil pump: preheat for 10 minutes

4. Rotate the manual loading hand wheel clockwise, and clear the test force, friction force, time, and period to zero when the piston is rising (at this time, make the torque wheel in the proper position, so that the bumper will not hit the bumper during the rising process. ), stop loading when the test force is 5%-10% higher than the ideal value, press the automatic button, and set the temperature when it reaches the set value

5. Refer to "Instruction Manual for Temperature Controller" for temperature setting. Ordinary end face testing machine only measures temperature, not control

6. Gently rotate the speed setting knob clockwise to the end, press the start button, after the light is on, turn the speed setting knob counterclockwise, while rotating, observe the speed display value, stop when it reaches the ideal speed, and the LCD display Time and cycle start timing and counting (Note: Before pressing the start button each time, you must confirm that the rotation speed setting knob is at the minimum value, so as to avoid impact on the friction sensor when the motor is quickly started)

7. After the test is over: turn off the thermostat switch, press the manual button, and rotate the manual handwheel counterclockwise until the piston descends (at this time, press the test end button at the computer software and save the test data).

8. When the temperature of the main shaft drops, stop the oil pump to supply oil. Remember: You must stop the oil supply from the oil pump after the temperature of the spindle drops to avoid scalding the seal ring of the spindle! ! ! Take off the sample, observe and analyze, at this time, you can use the measured data to use the software to process the test results and print the test report.

When the high temperature test is not required, turn the high temperature furnace to the left side of the main engine, and perform other operations as normal. Preset the parameters and start the test.

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