What is the best household cleaner for laminate floors that doesn't leave a film?

Summary:I have had all the same troubles with my laminate floors, which were in my home when I bought. I lov...

I have had all the same troubles with my laminate floors, which were in my home when I bought. I love the hard flooring, and currently, we have 4 dogs, so lots of dirt and whatever else sticks to the two rough coat collies' coats comes in and lands on my floors. So far, what I've found works the best and, ultimately, requires the least time and sweat from me is the following:

1) I vacuum with a Eureka Pet Lover Plus, which has an on/off brush roll for use on hard floors. This machine does an incredible job of vacuuming hard floors, better than any other machine I've tried, and I've tried a lot! It gets ALL of the loose debris off the floors and leaves them shiny, except for dirt that must be washed off.

2) I use the Hoover Floor Mate to wash the floors. This machine CAN beMagnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating Machine Manufacturers used to vacuum prior to washing, but I have never been shot in the head with its vacuuming skills, but it blows away every other product I've tried for washing the floors and leaving them clean, residue-free, and streak free. The FloorMate uses a two tank system. One thank holds the clean solution, which the machine sprays, in a misting pattern, onto the floor. With the flip of a switch, a scrubbing brush the width of the head drops down and you can scrub the floor as needed to lose stuck on debris. Flip the same switch and the bruch pulls up, leaving a squeegee that wipes the floor dry as the vacuum sucks the dirty water up into the second holding tank. The Floor Mate is easy to take apart and the parts easily rinse clean with just hot water.

These floors are old, and the finish is not good -- many scratches Decorative vacuum coating machineand abrasions which were present before I even bought the house, but using this system leaves these floors clean (and I mean walk-on-them-in-white-socks clean!) and as shiny as these old floors will get without refinishing. I imagine that new (or even new-er) laminate floors will shine like they did in the showroom using these machines.

I'd love to know what you used to refinish your floors, as I'd like to give mine a shot. I sure would be nice to have them looking really good for once!

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