What is the meaning of metal coating?

Summary:Wear is one of the important forms of parts failure, and the application of wear-resistant coatings ...

Wear is one of the important forms of parts failure, and the application of wear-resistant coatings on metal surfaces has important engineering significance. Wear itself is very complex, there are many types of wear, and with changes in working conditions, such as load, speed, temperature, etc., the nature of the friction surface, etc., will change the type of wear, thereby affecting the characteristics and mechanism of wear.

Wear-resistant coating usually refers to a covering layer applied on the surface in order to improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of the metal structure. The thickness of the covering layer can vary depending on the role, usually a few nanometers to tens of microns, and sometimes according to special requirements, the thickness of the coating can reach the order of millimeters. The wear-resistant coating on the metal surface is in order to achieve the purpose of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and oxidation resistance.

1. The coating can be applied to various metals or other substrates that require wear resistance for a long time. Its excellent performance can prevent intermetallic wear, abrasion and sintering, effectively protect easy-to-wear parts and improve equipment operation cycle.

2. The coating hardness is high, up to 8H, and the friction coefficient is as low as 0.06 to 0.08. The coating is dense and smooth, and has good adhesion. It protects the substrate from abrasion and loss by contact with powder and material particles, and protects the substrate for a long time. In addition, it is also resistant to fatigue wear, erosion wear resistance, abrasive wear resistance, and adhesive wear resistance.

3. The coating thickness is very thin, does not affect the size and mechanical strength of the parts, and the thickness of the film can be required according to the conditions of use to ensure the original performance and wear-resistant quality of the material

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