What is the purpose of car painting?

Summary:1. ProtectionFrom the main point of view, 90% of the cars are made of steel. If you don't paint the ...
1. Protection

From the main point of view, 90% of the cars are made of steel. If you don't paint the cars, you can imagine. The life of the car is greatly reduced, so it is necessary to paint the car. The coating film can protect the car from corrosion. With the introduction of new materials, the protective effect of the coating film is increasing, such as: high scratch resistance, elasticity, pollution resistance and so on.

2. Aesthetic effect

From the beautiful appearance of the lacquer film, the gorgeous softness, the colorful and diverse atmosphere to catch up with the trend. From a single color from the 1950s to the present. Car paint also has a different perspective from plain paint-metallic paint-pearl paint, thereby enhancing the beauty of the car and giving people a sense of beauty.

3. Value function

With the birth of automobiles, human beings continue to demand values ​​for automobile colors, and there have been great improvements in coating technology, including different paint varieties.

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