The development of optical coating machine technology in China


The film layer is prepared in a vacuum, including plating a crystalline elemental or compound film such as a metal, a semiconductor, or an insulator. Although chemical vapor deposition also uses vacuum means such as reduced pressure, low pressure or plasma, vacuum coating generally refers to the physical deposition of a film. There are three forms of vacuum coating, namely evaporation coating, sputter coating and ion plating.Optical vacuum coating machine

      Vacuum coating technology was first introduced in the 1930s. Industrial applications began in the 1940s and 1950s. Industrial large-scale production began in the 1980s and has been widely used in electronics, aerospace, packaging, decoration, and bronzing printing industries. Vacuum coating refers to the deposition of a certain metal or metal compound into the surface of a material (usually a non-metallic material) in a vacuum environment, which belongs to the physical vapor deposition process. Because the coating is often a metal film, it is also called vacuum metallization. The generalized vacuum coating also includes a non-metallic functional film such as a vacuum evaporation polymer on the surface of a metal or non-metal material. Among all the materials to be plated, plastic is the most common, and secondly, paper is coated. Compared with metals, ceramics, wood and other materials, plastics have the advantages of sufficient sources, easy to control performance, and convenient processing. Therefore, a wide variety of plastics or other polymer materials are used as engineering decorative structural materials, and are widely used in automobiles, home appliances, and daily use. Packaging, process decoration and other industrial fields. However, most of the plastic materials have defects such as low surface hardness, not gorgeous appearance, and low wear resistance. For example, a thin metal film is deposited on the plastic surface to impart a metallic appearance to the plastic, and the optical coating machine is a metal. The coating can also greatly increase the surface wear resistance of the material, greatly broadening the decorative and application range of the plastic.

      The function of vacuum coating is multifaceted, which also determines the application is very rich. In general, the main functions of vacuum coating include imparting a high metallic luster and mirror effect to the surface of the plated part, providing excellent barrier properties on the film material, providing excellent electromagnetic shielding and electrical conductivity.

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