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Guangdong accounts for half In the first three quarters of 2012, the lithium battery output of Guangdong Province ranked first in the country, accounting for 37% of the country's total output, 11 percentage points higher than the second Jiangsu province. Guangdong relies on the advantages of concentrated lithium battery "> lithium battery manufacturing industry, related equipment has also been fully developed, especially in Shenzhen and Dongguan gathered a large number of lithium battery "> lithium battery equipment manufacturers, such as: Shenzhen Jiyang, Shenzhen Yakang, Dongguan Hong Bao and so on. As one of the key equipments, the pole piece coating machine "> pole piece coating machine has naturally become the scent of many manufacturers. The Pearl River Delta has become the majority of coating machine manufacturers because of its talent base, customer base and supporting facilities. The preferred place. According to the statistics of the high-tech > lithium-ion industry > Lithium-Ion Industry Research Institute (GBII), among the 36 manufacturers of pole-plate coating machines and pole-piece coating machines, Guangdong Province accounted for 53% of the total. Ranked first, followed by Shanghai 14%, Beijing and Zhejiang again 8%, Jiangsu 6%, and other provinces 11% China's Pole Coating Machines> Pole coating machine enterprises are basically distributed in economically developed coastal provinces and cities, mainly because: 1) Pole coating machine ">The pole piece coating machine is farther away from customers, then the transportation cost is more Expensive, cost does not have advantages; 2) Pole coating machine "> Pole coating machine is a niche market, but the financial strength is strong, the economic capital is less developed in the less developed provinces, will not paint the pole piece 2 : China Lithium Battery > Lithium Battery Pole Coating Machine > Pole Coating Machine Entrepreneur Number (2007 ~ 2012) Source: Senior Engineer > High-tech Lithium Battery > Lithium Battery Industry Research > Research Institute (GBII) Machine as the preferred investment; 3) Pole coating machine ">Pole film coating machine production is relatively high demand for talents, economically underdeveloped provinces are less attractive; 4) No supporting equipment enterprises, but also elbow development of other provinces Cloth machine ">The important factor of the pole piece coating machine. Although the production of Pole Coating Machines has no obvious inward transfer, due to the high cost of land and labor in Shenzhen, some enterprises have begun to transfer their production bases to surrounding cities, such as Yakang. Both Hooneng moved the main venue to Dongguan. High-tech > high-tech lithium battery > lithium battery industry research > Research Institute (GBII) believes that from the current industry transfer trend, Dongguan itself has both good lithium battery > lithium battery industry chain foundation, but also undertake Shenzhen lithium battery > lithium battery The equipment enterprise has a unique geographical advantage. Within two years, Dongguan will become the center of China's lithium battery industry.VD Coating Systems Manufacturers

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