Thermal energy consumption analysis of coating machine setting machine

Summary:Thermal energy consumption analysis of coating machine setting machine Oil: It comes from the proper...
Thermal energy consumption analysis of coating machine setting machine
Oil: It comes from the properties of the fabric and the previous process. For example, the waste gas contains a lot of oil mist when setting chemical fiber products, while the oil content of the waste gas of pure cotton fabrics is very low;
Dust: from the fibers and combustible dust on the fabric;
Smoke: solid particulate matter
After the exhaust gas treatment equipment is installed, the exhaust gas collection rate should reach more than 90%, the total particulate matter removal rate should reach 80%, and the oil fume removal rate should reach 75%. Waste oil should be recyclable, energy-saving and free of secondary pollution.
Treatment equipment: The waste gas treatment equipment of the setting machine is usually a water spray treatment process, because the water spray process is simple and the equipment is not complicated. The exhaust gas of the setting machine is sent to the purifier by the exhaust fan, and the flue gas passes through the water mist in the tube, so that the oil and soot in the flue gas is captured by the water mist, and the flue gas is purified. The return water of the purifier will bring the captured oil fume and dust into the water tank for oil, water and dust separation.
The disadvantages of this kind of equipment are: 1. Waste water leads to secondary pollution; 2. If the equipment has quality problems or improper debugging and operation, it will cause water leakage in the oven and affect the quality of the fabric.
At present, there is another kind of treatment equipment on the market which is an electrostatic treatment process. The advantages of this process are: 1. No secondary pollution, 2. Good flue gas purification effect, 3. No water leakage, 4. Waste oil recovery Works well.
Two key issues should be considered when applying to the exhaust gas treatment of setting machines:
1. It is necessary to consider dust first and then purify, use mechanical filter or other professional design;
2. The problem of preventing the purifier from catching fire must be solved. The solution to this problem can be considered to cool down first and then purify, and at the same time install an automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing device in the purifier.
Electrostatic treatment has relatively high requirements on the process and structure of purification equipment.

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