Vacuum coating machine UV coating production process


The evaporative coating equipment uses PVD technology to plate aluminum on the plastic surface, which can metalize the plastic surface and spray it with various colors. UV treatment is required before and after. The following is the flow and parameters of the UV coating production process:PVD vacuum plating machine

One: Check the line body to confirm that all systems (dust removal, spray gun, compressed air, infrared heating and UV curing) are operating normally;

2: Clean the surface of the substrate to remove oil stains (wipe the surface with a clean dust-free cloth dipped in white electric oil or isopropyl alcohol, and dry it immediately);

Three: Electrostatic dust removal of the substrate;

Four: spray primer, film thickness: 10-30 microns, can be adjusted according to the specific substrate and requirements;

Five: Leveling for 5 to 15 minutes in an infrared environment at 30°C to 70°C;

Six: UV curing, exposure energy: 600~1200mJ/cm2;

Seven: offline, cool slightly, vacuum coating (indium, indium-tin, aluminum, etc.);

Eight: After the coating is finished, let it stand and cool (generally ≥5 minutes, not more than 4 hours), and then apply the medium paint line body, or directly top the paint line body;

Nine: Spraying medium paint, film thickness: 4-12 microns, color paste can be added as needed;

Ten: Leveling for 5 to 15 minutes in an infrared environment at 30°C to 70°C;

Eleven: UV curing, exposure energy: 300~800mJ/cm2;

Twelve: Spray topcoat, film thickness: 10-30 microns, color paste or dumb paste can be added as needed;

Thirteen: Leveling for 5 to 15 minutes in an infrared environment at 30°C to 70°C;

Fourteen: UV curing, exposure energy: 800~1500mJ/cm2 (the darker the color, the higher the energy required);

Fifteen: Offline detection.


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