Vacuum sputtering


1, introduction


Usually refers to the magnetron sputtering, which belongs to the high-speed low-temperature sputtering method. Inert gas (AR) is filled in vacuum and high-voltage direct current is added between the cavity and the metal target (cathode). As the electron generated by glow discharge excites the inert gas to generate argon positive ion, the positive ion moves towards the cathode target at high speed, and the target atom is blasted out, and deposited on the plastic substrate to form a film.China Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine Manufacturers


2, principle


When high energy particles (usually positive ions accelerated by electric field) are used to bombard the solid surface, the phenomenon that atoms and molecules on the solid surface exchange kinetic energy with the incident high energy particles is called sputtering. The splashed atoms (or clusters) have a certain amount of energy, they can be re deposited and condensed on the surface of the solid substrate to form a thin film.




  1. Air pressure requirements for vacuum sputtering


Vacuum sputtering requires that inert gas be filled into vacuum state to realize glow discharge, and the vacuum degree of this process is in molecular current state.


  1. Process flow


According to the characteristics of the substrate and target, the vacuum sputter coating can also be directly sputtered without primer. The vacuum sputter coating can be added by adjusting the current and time, but it can not be too thick, and the general thickness is 0.2 ~ 2um.

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