What are the application industries of decorative vacuum coating?

Summary:What are the application industries of decorative vacuum coating? The rapid development of vacuum c...
What are the application industries of decorative vacuum coating?
The rapid development of vacuum coating machine in today's era makes the types of coating machine become rich. Next, let's list the classification and application of decorative coating equipment.
Decorative coating equipment can be divided into evaporation coating equipment, magnetron sputtering coating equipment, optical coating equipment, winding coating equipment, etc.
1. Evaporation coating equipment
Evaporation coating equipment can be used to process ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC, TPU, nylon, metal, glass, ceramic and other material products; Suitable for evaporation plating aluminum, chrome, indium, tin, indium tin alloy, silicon oxide, zinc sulfide and other materials, the equipment is widely used for silver plating, so that the surface of the object surface to obtain metallic texture.
Scope of application:
Mobile phone plastic structural parts, smart home, digital products, cosmetics packaging, crafts, toys, wine packaging, electronic components and other products.
2. Magnetron sputtering coating equipment
Magnetron sputtering coating equipment is suitable for stainless steel, water plated hardware/plastic, glass, ceramics and other materials, the preparation of TiN/TiCN/TiC/TiO2 / TiAlN/CrN/ZrN/CrC metal compounds, such as membrane layer. Can achieve deep black, furnace gold, rose gold, imitation gold, zirconium gold, sapphire blue, bright silver and other colors.
Scope of application:
Tableware, electronic hardware, high-grade watches, high-grade jewelry, brand leather hardware, etc.
3. Optical coating equipment
The equipment is suitable for stainless steel, crystal glass and heat-resistant plastic products; It can deposit all kinds of oxides and elemental metals, and can prepare brightening color film, gradient color film and other medium film.
Scope of application:
Perfume bottle, cosmetic glass bottle, lip balm cap, crystal decoration, sunglasses, ski goggles, hardware and other decorative products
4. Winding and coating equipment
The equipment can deposit Nb2O5, TiO2, SiO2 and other oxides, Cu, Al, Cr, Ti and other elemental metals, mainly used for the deposition of multi-layer optical color film and elemental metal film.
Scope of application
The equipment is suitable for PET film, conductive cloth and other flexible film materials. It is widely used in mobile phone decorative film, packaging film, EMI electromagnetic shielding film, ITO transparent film and other products.

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