What are the applications of PVD vacuum coating machine?


Horizontal big PVD Vacuum Coating Machine can greatly extend the service life of the product in terms of tool coating coating. For example, after PVD coating is plated on turning tools such as turning tools, milling cutters, planers, drills, etc., their service life can be increased by 5-40 times. At the same time, due to the very fineness of the PVD film and the low coefficient of friction, the turning speed of the machine tool and the finish of the machined surface have also been greatly improved. This has greatly improved the efficiency of production companies, and the processing accuracy and appearance of their products have also been improved, which can bring more benefits to the company.
Up to now, the coating technology has been widely and in-depth applied in the construction materials, hardware, lock hardware, kitchen and bathroom, hardware clock, medical equipment and tool processing industries, which has brought considerable economic benefits to these industries while also enhancing Their development potential.
Today, more and more engineers in the manufacturing, construction and design industries recognize the effects, characteristics and advantages of these PVD ion coating products.

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