What are the colors of the PVD coating that can be coated?


At present, PVD coatingEvaporation vacuum coating machine can be produced in a variety of colors, such as dark gold, light gold, brown, bronze, grey, black, grey-black, seven-color, purple, red, green, blue, etc., but most of them are gold, brown and black gray. Different colors are plated by different target materials. For gold, blue, purple and other colors, titanium nitride, Titanium compound and silicification are used, indium tin alloy is used for blue, indium tin alloy is used for bright silver, tungsten is used for black, tin-Ni-chromium is used for gray and other metals.



The color can be controlled by the related parameters in the process of coating. After the coating is finished, the color value can be measured with the relevant instrument, so that the color can be quantified to determine whether the plating color meets the requirements.

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