What are the requirements for coatings in vacuum plating?

Summary:Due to the development of bottom and top coating materials, the continuous improvement, continuous a...
Due to the development of bottom and top coating materials, the continuous improvement, continuous and large-scale vacuum coating equipment, vacuum coating has entered the industrialized production stage, and has penetrated into various scientific fields at the same time, and has become a competitive application since the 1980s. One of the most advanced surface treatment technologies, widely used in plating parts of various substrates such as metal, wood, paper, plastic, etc., gradually showing the unique role of vacuum plating in applications. Among them, the selection and application of coatings are important factors related to the quality of decorative vacuum coating.

What are the coatings used for vacuum plating? How to improve the coating technology in the application of these coatings in actual production? The following focuses on this discussion. In decorative vacuum coating, depending on the perfect coating technology, a coating with strong wear resistance, good bonding force and high brightness can be obtained.

The coating of decorative vacuum plating is generally divided into two types: base coat and top coat. In order to meet the different technical requirements of the product, a primer coating and a top coating can be applied, or a color coating, a protective coating, etc. can be applied on the top coating. The main functions of these coatings are:
Improve the bonding force of the film layer. Using the same coating method, applying a primer layer on the plastic substrate and then vacuum coating can improve the bonding force of the film layer.

Reduce the roughness of the plated surface and improve the brightness. Generally, there are microscopic unevenness on the surface of the plated parts, which is not necessarily the leveling property of the thickness of the coating.

Can protect the metal film layer. The vacuum coating layer is generally only 100nm, and the wear resistance and discoloration resistance of the coating layer are poor. After the top coat is applied, the coating layer does not directly contact the outside world, which can protect the coating layer.

Requirements for the primer coating in vacuum plating:
1.It has good contact performance and high bonding force between the plated part and the coating layer, the thermal expansion coefficient difference is small, no reaction, and the leveling performance is good.
2.It has good vacuum performance. After the base coat is cured, the outgassing amount is small, the thermal stress is small, and the heat resistance performance is good.
3.It has good film-forming performance, and the coating has good properties such as density, covering ability, solvent resistance and light resistance.
4.Good compatibility with top coat. Since the coating layer is extremely thin and porous, the solvent and diluent of the base coat and top coat are required to have good compatibility.
5.Good application performance. Good leveling performance, appropriate viscosity and short curing time.

Requirements for the surface coating of vacuum plating:
1.Good contact performance with the coating layer;
2. Must have a certain compatibility with the base coat;
3.Excellent film-forming properties and application properties; appropriate mechanical strength;
4.Good moisture-proof, anti-solvent and corrosion resistance. Strong anti-aging performance.

Due to the special needs of the product, a super hard coating or a color coating can be further applied on the top coat.

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