What are the types of coating machines?

Summary:The most important unit devices in the coating machine are the coater, the drying device, the uncoil...
The most important unit devices in the coating machine are the coater, the drying device, the uncoiling and winding device, the flattening and cooling device.The key unit of the coating machine is the coater, which mainly includes knife coater, roll coater, rotary screen coater, powder coater, etc. Its most basic form has two kinds of knife coater and roll coater.

The type of coating machine
1. Fabric coating machine
2. Floating scraper coating machine
3. RMR-RS-GMA multifunctional coating machine
4. Precision coating machine
5. Silicone coating machine

(1) Principle and application of silicone coating machine

1. Working principle: Compressed air is fed into the rubber bottle (syringe), and the glue is pressed into the feed tube of the and. When the piston is on the upstroke, the piston chamber is filled with glue. When the piston pushes down the dripper, the mouth Press out. The dripped glue is determined by the distance of the plunger, which can be adjusted manually or controlled in software.
2. Features: high speed, low sensitivity to glue viscosity.
3. Advantages: It can increase the glue speed, improve the dispensing environment, and improve the dispensing quality.

(2) Floating scraper coating machine

In recent years, coating technology has developed rapidly as a new technology for fabric finishing. After coating and finishing, the fabric can gain weight by 5~200g/m~2, and make the fabric have unique abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, stress resistance, weathering resistance, fire resistance, antistatic, insulation and other properties, and then make the fabric use Further developed. At present, the equipment used in foreign fabric coating, with coating machines with different gluing mechanisms, can be divided into floating blade coating machines, knife roll coating machines, reverse roll coating machines, scraping roll coating machines, and concave-convex rolls. Coating machine and rotary screen coating machine, etc. These coating machines can be divided into direct process coating machines and indirect process coating machines according to the coating process.

(3) Fabric coating machine

In a domestic printing and dyeing factory, because there is no ventilation in the coating machine (setting machine), the electric is not explosion-proof, and the doors and windows of the cold weather workshop are closed, there is a large amount of coating slurry and flammable liquid in the workshop, resulting in a flammable mixed gas in the setting machine The explosion caused a chain explosion of the flammable mixture and the piled inflammable materials in the workshop. Five people were killed and eight people were seriously injured. Nearly 1,000 square meters of workshops were razed to the ground. We have investigated and analyzed the raw materials and equipment conditions of the existing coating machines. According to the principle of ensuring safety according to local conditions, we have carried out the transformation, inspection and acceptance, and certification of the existing coating machines one by one, and obtained satisfactory results.

(4) RMR-RS-GMA Multifunctional Coating Machine

In recent years, with the rapid development of the textile industry, coating finishing technology has developed rapidly. Coating products have entered the market with their unique properties and diversified effects to meet the growing needs of people's material and cultural life. The coated functional cloth produced by our factory has good velvet-proof, wind-proof, breathable, waterproof, and moisture-permeable functions, soft to the touch, and full of elasticity. It is used as a fabric and a sleeping bag made of high-hollow, high-crimp polyester fiber sprayed cotton. It has good heat preservation, lightness and durability, and is deeply loved by domestic and foreign travel enthusiasts.

(5) Precision coating machine

Self-adhesive precision coating machine, coating machine, laminating machine, laminating machine, mechanical use: used for kraft paper, label paper, advertising paper, double-sided tape, BOPP, masking paper, PE, non-woven tape and other tapes Glue, liquid coating and double-sided tape production, PU, ​​EVA, foam (sponge), fabrics and other raw materials are self-adhesive and self-adhesive. Features: Fully automatic tension control; automatic temperature control; a variety of coating heads to choose from; rewinding and unwinding can choose rotary arm type replacement shaft, greatly reducing the downtime and downtime. Applicable industries: automobile manufacturing, shoemaking, clothing, luggage, gloves, lighting, advertising, packaging, decoration and other industries.

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