What is ion plating technology?


Ion plating is a method of partially ionizing the gas or evaporated material by gas discharge under vacuum condition, and depositing the evaporated material or its reactant on the substrate under the bombardment of gas ions or evaporated substance ions. These include magnetron sputtering ion plating, reactive ion plating, hollow cathode discharge ion plating (hollow cathode evaporation), multi arc ion plating (cathodic arc ion plating), etc.



In ion plating, the evaporated material particles move along the power line in the form of charged ions in the electric field. Therefore, good coatings can be obtained in all parts where there is an electric field, which is much better than that in the direct direction of ordinary vacuum coatingChina PVD Coating Systems Manufacturers. The results show that the structure of ion plating coating is compact, no pinhole, no bubble and uniform thickness. Even the edges and grooves can be evenly plated to avoid forming metal nodules. Parts such as thread can also be plated. Because of this process, the surface quality and physical and mechanical properties of the plated parts can be effectively improved because of the micro cracks and pockmarks on the surface of the workpiece. The fatigue test shows that if properly treated, the fatigue life of the workpiece can be increased by 2% or 30% compared with that before plating.


Ion plating uses high energy ions to bombard the surface of the workpiece, so that a large amount of electric energy is converted into heat energy on the surface of the workpiece, thus promoting the diffusion of the surface structure and chemical reaction. However, the whole workpiece, especially the center of the workpiece, is not affected by high temperature. Therefore, this kind of coating process has a wide range of applications and less limitations. Generally, all kinds of metals, alloys and some synthetic materials, insulating materials, heat sensitive materials and high melting point materials can be plated. It can be coated with nonmetal or metal on metal workpiece, or metal or nonmetal on nonmetal, or even plastic, rubber, quartz, ceramics, etc.


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