What is the contrast between sputtered and evaporated coatings?

Summary:PVD(Physical Vapor Deposition technology is one of the main technologies for the preparation of thin...

PVD(Physical Vapor Deposition technology is one of the main technologies for the preparation of thin film materials. Under vacuum conditions, a material is vaporized into gaseous atoms, molecules or partial ionization into ions, and then deposited on the surface of substrate materials by low pressure gas (or plasma) process, which has the characteristics of antireflection, reflection, protective conductivity, magnetic conductivity, insulation, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, radiation protection and installation Decoration and other special functions of the film material technology. The material used to prepare thin film material is called PVD coating material. Sputtering coating and vacuum evaporation coating are the two most popular PVD DLC Coating Machine Manufacturerscoating methods.



Comparison of sputtered and evaporated coatings

Sputtering deposition technology has good repeatability and controllable film thickness, which can be used on large area substrate materials with uniform thickness. The prepared films have the advantages of high purity, good compactness and strong adhesion with substrate materials, which has become one of the main technologies for preparing thin film materials. Various types of sputtering thin film materials have been widely used The demand for high value-added functional materials is increasing year by year. Sputtering target has become the most widely used PVD coating material in the market.

Evaporation coating is simple and convenient, easy to operate and fast to form film. From the point of view of process manufacturing, the manufacturing complexity of evaporated materials is much lower than that of sputtering targets, and evaporation coating is often used for coating of small size substrate materials.

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