What is the development prospect of vacuum coating machine?


First of all I want to ask, do you want to be a coating machine? Du or trading company reselling?
The coating machine is divided into various types, evaporation type, sputtering type, and many special uses.Decorative vacuum coating machine
Now, the mainstream of optical coating is electron beam heating and evaporation. Its performance parameters are directly related to the accuracy of the evaporation bin, evaporation source, vacuum forming system, and control system. At present, the world’s major manufacturers, Shincron, Optrun, and Leybold . Almost all the high-end in the coating industry is taken away. There are Nanguang in the south and Beixin in the north. Low-end goods.

Sputtering type, mostly used in flat glass optical film decorative film, now the lens is also used in this trend, not many I have seen, there are Showa, Shincron. Both are relatively advanced with a market price of over 10,000 yuan.
The development prospects currently feel that they will still be in an evaporation style. Cost-effective, and easy to control quality. If you are facing high-end, you have no hope of starting from scratch, and facing low-end, you can start with imitation of shincron.
In terms of demand, there should be an increase in low and mid-range, and it is more optimistic. After all, the domestic optical industry is still in the development stage

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