What is the difference between evaporative coating and sputtering coating?

Summary:Vacuum evaporation film is to heat the material to be evaporated to a certain temperature by resista...
Vacuum evaporation film is to heat the material to be evaporated to a certain temperature by resistance heating or electron beam and laser bombardment in an environment with a vacuum degree of not less than 10-2Pa, so that the thermal vibration energy of molecules or atoms in the material exceeds the surface. Therefore, a large number of molecules or atoms are evaporated or sublimated, and deposited directly on the substrate to form a thin film. Ion sputtering coating is to use the high motion of positive ions generated by gas discharge under the action of an electric field to bombard the target as the cathode, so that the atoms or molecules in the target escape and deposit on the surface of the workpiece to be plated, forming the required film.
The most commonly used method for vacuum evaporation coating is the resistance heating method, which has the advantages of simple structure of the heating source, low cost and convenient operation. Electron beam heating and laser heating can overcome the shortcomings of resistance heating. In electron beam heating, a focused electron beam is used to directly heat the bombarded material, and the kinetic energy of the electron beam becomes thermal energy to evaporate the material. Laser heating uses a high-power laser as a heating source, but due to the high cost of high-power lasers, it can only be used in a few research laboratories.
Sputtering technology differs from vacuum evaporation technology. "Sputtering" refers to the phenomenon in which energetic particles bombard the surface of a body (target), causing solid atoms or molecules to be ejected from the surface. Most of the ejected particles are in atomic state, often called sputtered atoms. The sputtering particles used for bombarding the target can be electrons, ions or neutral particles, because ions are easily accelerated under an electric field to obtain the required kinetic energy, so ions are mostly used as bombarding particles. The sputtering process is based on the glow discharge, that is, the sputtering ions originate from the gas discharge. Different sputtering techniques use different glow discharge methods. DC two-pole sputtering uses DC glow discharge; three-pole sputtering uses glow discharge supported by hot cathode; RF sputtering uses radio-frequency glow discharge; magnetron sputtering uses glow discharge under the control of annular magnetic field. light discharge.
Compared with vacuum evaporation coating, sputtering coating has many advantages. For example, any substance can be sputtered, especially elements and compounds with high melting point and low vapor pressure; good adhesion between the sputtered film and the substrate; high film density; controllable film thickness and good repeatability. The disadvantage is that the equipment is more complicated and requires high-voltage devices. In addition, the combination of evaporation method and sputtering method is called ion plating. The advantage of this method is that the obtained film has strong adhesion between the substrate and the substrate, and has a high deposition rate and high film density.

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