What is the principle of PVD vacuum coating

Summary:PVD, or physical vapor deposition, is an advanced surface treatment technology widely used in the wo...

PVD, or physical vapor deposition, is an advanced surface treatment technology widely used in the world. The working principle is that under vacuum conditions, the gas or the evaporated substance is separated by using gas discharge, and the vapor or the reactant is deposited on the substrate while the gas ions or the evaporated substance ions bombard. It has the characteristics of fast deposition speed and clean surface, and especially has the advantages of strong film adhesion, good winding, and a wide range of plateable materials. Using the world's most advanced magnetron sputtering ion coating and multi-arc ion coating process equipment, and based on this and international experts in process innovation. With more than ten years of valuable experience in the decorative plating industry, we provide customers with the most suitable coating processing solution.China Wholesale DLC Coating Machine Manufacturers
PVD coating properties
• Metal Appearance Uniform and durable surface, permanent good appearance under a variety of basic air and direct sunlight environment conditions. The color is deep rhyme and bright.
• Economical, reducing the time and cost necessary to clean and polish plated brass or gold. Use a soft cloth and glass cleaner to clean the PVD film.
• Harmless to the environment, avoiding chemical poisoning and VOC emission.
• Biocompatible.
PVD coating characteristics
• Excellent adhesion, can be bent above 90 degrees without cracking or peeling (PVD coating has high adhesion and durability). No other technology, including electroplating, can be compared with spraying.
• Can etch any imaginable design pattern.
• Can be used for interior decoration or outdoor.
• Vacuum coating, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion. Corrosion resistance, stable chemical properties and acid resistance. Cell phone case PVD coating resistance.
• Coated shell is easy to remove paint and fingerprints.
• Under the strong sunlight, salty wetlands and urban environment, it does not lose its luster, does not oxidize, does not fade, does not fall off and burst. Highly resistant to abrasion, scratches and scratches. A wide range of plateable materials and strong bonding with the substrate.
PVD decorative coating color series
PVD can plate CrN. TiN. TiAlCN. TiCN. TiAlN on stainless steel, copper, titanium zinc aluminum alloy and other metals. Gold, brass, rose gold, silver white, black, smoky gray, copper, brown, purple, blue, wine red, bronze and other colors, and can provide the required color and quality according to your requirements. EMI film can also be plated on plastic products. Semi-permeable film. Transparent film. Non-conductive film.

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