What should I pay attention to before PVD coating processing?

Summary:1. Material requirements for PVD-coated workpieces:1. In addition to the special coating, the coatin...

1. Material requirements for PVD-coated workpieces:
1. In addition to the special coating, the coating material needs to be conductive;
Coating materials include: high-alloy tool steel, high-speed steel, stainless steel, cemented carbide, titanium alloy, etc.;
2. Since the coating temperature is 380-500°C, the material of the coated workpiece must be able to withstand a temperature of 500°C without characteristic changes (such as volatilization, deformation, softening, etc.), and usually requires heat treatment for 3 times of high temperature tempering Treatment: Special low-temperature (260-380℃) coating process can reduce the coating temperature, depending on the tempering temperature of the workpiece and its characteristic requirements;
3. The workpiece can be demagnetized before coating.
2. Appearance requirements of PVD-coated workpieces:
1. There should be no rust, corrosion, paint, glue, rubber material on the surface of the workpiece;
2. The surface of the workpiece needs to be bright and without surface modification treatment (such as chemical plating, nitriding, blackening, TD or CVD, etc.);
3. The surface roughness requirements of the workpiece: the usual tools, molds and spare parts are as smooth as possible under the premise of meeting the application requirements, and the forming surface Ra<0.2um is appropriate;
4. The workpiece cannot be an assembly, and the assembly needs to be disassembled and coated separately; screws, plugs, etc. need to be completely removed;
5. The workpiece has welding treatment, the surface needs to be completely cleaned, no oxide layer or buried hole, and it needs to be pointed out in advance to evaluate whether the coating is suitable;Watchband decoration PVD vacuum coating machine
6. Before PVD coating, provide a schematic or drawing of the coating area and coating part of the workpiece (including which parts need to be coated, which parts cannot be coated, and which parts do not care).
3. PVD coating restrictions:
Our coating can coat workpieces with complex shapes, but the aspect ratio of the inner hole that can be coated (the ratio of the hole width to the hole depth) needs to exceed 1:1.
The above are the things you need to pay attention to before processing the PVD coating. I hope it can be helpful to you. If you want to know more about PVD coating, you can click on the website page of PVD coating to browse!

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