Why does the aluminum plating of the evaporative vacuum coating machine turn yellow and black?


The aluminum source contains too much impurities, and the general purity should be 4 9s or 5 9s or more.

The vacuum degree of the coating machine is not up to the standard, and it should reach 10-7 times Pa. (Can't remember it may be wrong)

The cleaning of the coated items is not thorough, and there are cleaning agents and water remaining on the surface.

The surface temperature of the coated article is unreasonable, and the temperature is too high or too low.Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine Manufacturers

The potential setting of the coated item is unreasonable.

The oil of the vacuum diffusion pump should be changed.

Adjust the temperature of the evaporation source, not too low or too high.

If the electron beam evaporates, the bombardment position of the electron beam must be adjusted.

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