Automotive Function Coating Machine Custom

Automotive Function Coating Machine

Product Description

System Summary


This coating machine can help manufacturers of cars and trucks to reduce the size of the engine without affecting the performance and service life of the vehicle and improve its efficiency.
This type surface treatment process can highly reduce friction and wear, which can open a new angle of view and technical solutions for the engine inside and outside.




• High wear resistance and low friction coating
• Matrix structure of diamond and graphite
• Dry friction coefficient of steel 0.1
• High hardness, up to 3.000HV
• Counterpart protection
• Chemically inert, avoid cold welding
• Excellent dry lubrication characteristic
• The deposition temperature<200℃



System Type


• Vertical Batch – Single or double door





• TiN, TiC, TiCN, TiAlN, TiAlCN, TiCrN, TiCrN, TiCrCN, TiAlCrN and other multilayer super hard coatings.






• Hybrid electric vehicles, internal combustion engines and motor size reduction

• Start/stop system (oil film break)

• Direct injection gasoline/diesel engine

• Automotive engine parts

• Mechanical racing coating

• Engine valves



Danko Vacuum Technology is professional China Automotive Function Coating Machines manufacturers and custom Automotive Function Coating Machines company ,including but not limited to Sputtering Systems, Optical Coating Units, Batch Metallizers, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Systems, Hard and Wear Resistant Vacuum Coating Deposition Equipment, Glass, PE, PC Substrate Coaters, Roll-to-Roll Machines for coating flexible substrates. our Automotive Function Coating Machine are used for a wide range of applications described below (but not limited to) Automotive, Decorative, Hard coatings, Tool & Metal Cutting coatings, and thin film Coating applications for industrial and Laboratories including Universities.Danko Vacuum Technology Company Ltd is committed to expand our market boundaries by providing high-quality, high-performance Automotive Function Coating Machine.

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