A solid surface is bombarded with energetic particles


sputtering deposition

Basic Principles

A solid surface is bombarded with energetic particles (usually positive ions accelerated by an electric field). Sputtering of atoms and molecules on solid surface after exchanging kinetic energy with incident energetic particles is called sputtering. Sputtered atoms (or clusters) have a certain amount of energy. They can be re-deposited and condensed on the surface of solid substrates to form thin films, called sputtering coatings.China Plasma Coating Machine suppliers

Compared with traditional vacuum evaporation, sputtering coating has many advantages, such as:

The adhesion between the film and the matrix is strong.

It is convenient to prepare thin films of high melting point materials.

A uniform film can be prepared on a large area of contact substrate.

The composition of the film can be easily controlled, and alloy films with different composition and proportion can be prepared.

Reactive sputtering can be used to prepare a variety of compound films, and multilayer films can be easily plated.

It is easy for industrialized production, continuous and automatic operation, etc.

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