Common Vacuum Terminology 7


1.degassing:Artificial desorption of gases from materials.
2.outgassing:Gas is naturally desorbed from materials.
3.qGU desorption or outgassing or degassing rate:Within a given time interval, the gas flow rate (or molecular flow rate) of desorption (or deflation or degassing) from the material is divided by the time and the surface area.China Plasma Coating Machine suppliers
4.evaporation rate:The number of molecules (or mass or mass) evaporated from the surface within a given time interval divided by the time and the surface area.
5.roughing time:The time required for a front-stage vacuum pump or a front-stage vacuum pumping device to pump from atmospheric pressure to base pressure or to start pressure of a vacuum pump operating at a relatively low pressure.
6.pump-down time:Reducing the pressure of the vacuum system from atmospheric pressure to a certain pressure, such as the time required to reach the base pressure。

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