I would hope that people with severe peanut

Summary:I would hope that people with severe peanut and tree nut allergies are already careful to read aller...

I would hope that people with severe peanut and tree nut allergies are already careful to read allergen labels, but they may not know why they need to be careful. These kinds of products usually come with extensive allergen labels covering a variety of thing that aren't actually part of the product itself. They say "Manufactured in a facility that also processes..." on the label, but the actual opportunity for cross contamination can be much greater than mere proximity.

The information here may not apply to all facilities/companies, but certainly some. I worked for a major producer in Canada, so at the very least, this is relevant to an entire country, and they shipped products to the USA as well.

There is the issue of belt coating machines being used for more than one product, but more than that, the chocolate itself gets recycled.
Belt coaters are basically tumblers. The white back area inside Plasma Coating Machine suppliersthe machine is the belt itself. It's curved, and as it turns, the nuts are rolled around as chocolate drizzles over them gradually.

The belt is textured a little bit so that it can grip the nuts more easily to toss them around. But this texture also means that chocolate accumulates on the belt. So, after making a batch of something, it is necessary to use a scraper tool to literally scrape away all of the excess chocolate from the belt as it runs. All of that material falls into the big trays you see underneath the machine.

The result is a mixture of chocolate, and bits of whatever food itemChina Plasma Coating Machine suppliers was just in the machine. It could be thrown away...or, to maximize profit, it could be boxed up, loaded onto a skid, melted through a screen to filter out the food bits, and piped back into the main chocolate tank.

This means that while you may be eating a chocolate covered raisin, there very well could be traces of numerous allergens in the chocolate. Especially since the "re-work" chocolate is most often used when the main tank is almost empty. Just something to be aware of for people with highly sensitive allergies.

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